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Who We Are

An awareness campaign.

Child sexual abuse. It happens every day, every minute every second and anywhere. It is happening hundreds of children right this moment, as you are reading this. We are a large group of volunteers from around the world, working towards creating awareness across India. WOCASA is the only organisation dedicated completely to preventing sexual abuse of children in India. We relentlessly work toward reaching households, parents, guardians, teachers and especially children in creating awareness to protect and prevent sexual abuse of children.

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Within a year of our formation, WOCASA has reached out to 35 schools in India. We visit schools, educate teachers and staff , train children to recognize and report.

Welfare Centers

If you run an orphanage, child welfare center and need trained professionals to introduce policies, standards and guidelines to prevent, identify, report and protect children, reach out to us.


68% of Indians live in villages, there are 640,867 villages in India. Just to conduct at least one workshop in every village in India, it will take about 75 years for 10 people. We need volunteers, a number of them, more than the 400 we currently have. Our aim is to reach every village in India, reach out to us if you are interested to become a campaigner


Our focus so far has been on urban Indian areas. Within six months, our volunteers have managed to reach over 2000 children in metropolitan cities. This is not even a drop in the ocean. Urban awareness is our fourth campaign.


RAM REDDY - Founder
SWETHA REDDY - Founder & Trustee

JASON COLLINS - legal Adivsor

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